The Big Bicycle Project was founded as a way to combine my love and obsession with bicycles with my passion and talent in visual and media arts. 

For as long as I can remember, I have had the dream of riding my bicycle across the country. As a young child, I have vivid memories of riding behind my dad on the tag-along attached to the back of his bicycle, with my brothers in a burly trailer behind us. It was quite a sight having all three connected to one another, but wow, we had so much fun! 

Starting May 2021, I will be joining two of my friends to bike across the country, to fulfill this childhood dream of mine. We will be cycling the Northern Tier TransAmerica route, following the Adventure Cycling Association maps. There have countless hours of planning and preparation put into the makings of this trip, and below you will find the creative process of this planning. 

Hope you enjoy!